This fun cruising event combines elements of planning, boat handling, clever thinking  and poker! Think of it as The Amazing Race for boaters.

First, check in at the Port of Egypt pool to pick up your list of hints that lead to 5 destinations. These spots may be boats with POE staff members on board, a building on land that will require you to dock for a short time or some stationary object. At each destination, you will collect a playing card.

Part of the fun is figuring out the clues, and another part is planning your route. You might decide to take your time and trust in the luck of the draw, or you might want to be the first team back so time is of the essence. Whatever strategy you choose, you’ll have a blast!

Once you have all 5 cards, return to the pool again. An extra card will be awarded to the team returning to the pool first. Additional cards will also be given to the winner of poolside physical challenges -- think “Stupid Human Tricks” on Letterman.

The boat with the best poker hand will be the winner, and prizes will be awarded for second and third place, too.