In 1946, Port of Egypt's founding brothers William Sr., Herb and Herman Lieblein opened a fishing station on Southold Bay.

Inspired by their discovery of Long Island's North Fork in the early 1940s, the Lieblein brothers believed that others would want to experience the idyllic location and fishing paradise. 


They were right. Soon, Port of Egypt (POE) was bustling with eager fisherman who would line up outside the fishing station long before the sun bobbed up onto the horizon.


Customers bought worms packed in white eclair boxes lined with seaweed and rented wooden boats with outboard motors. So many nationalities were represented that POE was often referred to as the "United Nations." As youngsters, William’s children -- Bill (CEO), Peter (retired), Marlene (retired), and Elisa (President until she passed away in 2014) -- learned about fishing and boating while helping others enjoy the local waters.


In 1960, the company began selling the prestigious Grady-White boats and has earned accolades for excellence in sales and customer satisfaction through the decades by upholding its motto, "After the sale, it's the service that counts."  POE is proud to be the world's oldest Grady-White dealer.

Today, the third generation of Liebleins is on board -- cousins Will and Yvonne Lieblein (General Managers) and Amie Sponza (Human Resources Manager). Port of Egypt’s focus remains anchored in a commitment to customers and sharing the joys of boating, fishing and the North Fork.



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